My own story.

What’s your name, age and where do you come from? My name is India, I’m 26 and I’m from Norfolk.

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Do you exercise regularly? What kind of exercises do you enjoy? On a good week, I exercise about 6 times but this varies depending on how I feel. At least 4 times. I really enjoy going to gym classes because of the variety it gives me. I also enjoy running but not really on the treadmill!

Have you always enjoyed exercise? Yes and no. I have always enjoyed being outside, running and hula hooping but I did go through a patch of not doing anything. I have really bad coordination so team sport has always been a no from me!

How does exercise make you feel? I find it really invigorating and that I have achieved something with my day. I hate sitting behind a screen all the time as I get so fidgety and I find it a bit mind-numbing. When I am feeling demotivated, I think about how good I feel post-exercise and it makes me want to go again!

Who is your fitness inspiration and why? I think it would be Daisy Robinton. She is a scientist trying to stop us ageing through stem cell research, with an Instagram page full of fitness motivation!


What are your goals in fitness? I would say my goals are to get a six-pack and improve my wellness.

What would you say are your achievable goals? Do more ab work at the gym as I find it quite boring so tend to steer clear! Get a higher resistance on my spinning bike which will help improve my fitness.

When would you like to achieve these by? Hopefully by May 😊

How do you feel when you don’t exercise? I get very irritable and feel quite down. I am inside all day and I tend to start picking apart my life as I don’t have anything to focus on.


Have you ever suffered with any mental health issues and do you think exercise helps you? Yes, I used to have an eating disorder which led to a bit of depression, I am also quite an anxious person which also stems from this. I think exercise really helps me, it gives me something to focus on. I focus on my fitness and my ability to achieve when I exercise and not on my physical appearance. I feel refreshed post-exercise, as I have released all of my inner anxious thoughts.

Anything you would say to the rest of the MaMo community? Take it easy and do what you love. Set yourself achievable, realistic goals and make exercise fun. Everyone needs a release as we live in a very stressful 21st century world. Use exercise to your advantage and have fun with it!


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