150 squats a day challenge.

I mentioned this in one of my earlier blogs as one of my mini summer achievements. I used to get anxious and nervous in the gym when I wasn’t running on the treadmill or in a class as I didn’t know what to do . That is why I have created this blog to share everything I learn with all of you, as well as encouraging you to add exercise into your daily routine to improve your mental and physical health.

I read somewhere that working your way up to 150 squats a day could make a real difference to the appearance of your butt. I set this as a mini goal last summer to see how I felt afterwards.

This is the difference:

Processed with VSCO with e7 preset

How I achieved this goal…It literally took me no more than 5 minutes a day and I did it while I waited for my flatmates to finish in the shower.

  1. Created a grid using old fashion pen and paper. I did a 5 x 7 wide grid, to allow for some rest days. When I use the term ‘rest days’, I mean the days when inevitably no matter how easy it is, you are not going to get up and do 100 squats by your bed.
  2. I then filled the first part of the grid with the number of squats I needed to do each day (start with 5 and add 5 each day).
  3. The beginning part is very easy. Doing 5/10/15 squats a day takes no more than a minute. When you get to 50+ it is harder to stay motivated. Do it in blocks of 10/20 and have a rest in between. Put your favourite song on or just do it while you are watching TV.

How do you do a squat?

Sounds simple but most people do it wrong. I learnt this from a specialist personal trainer:

  1. Hold your feet slightly apart, with your toes pointing outwards.
  2. Send your hips backwards, with your chest upwards. Hold your hands together and push them outwards as you descend into a squat (as it is much easier).
  3. Make sure that the weight is being pushed into your heels and not your toes.
  4. Look forward to keep your spine neutral.
  5. As you come up, clench your bum cheeks together as if you were holding a penny in between. Don’t thrust too far forward – you don’t need to peacock!

And that’s it! A very achievable mini-goal that you can set yourself before you go on holiday.

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