High Anxiety.


There will only ever be one of you. That's your power (2)Everyone goes through a period of feeling anxious in their life. You can feel anxious about anything, from going into work to getting on the tube. It is a feeling that is often not taken seriously and feeling anxious can really impact your day-to-day life. It can make you feel scared about doing everyday things.

Personally, I always seem to feel the most anxious in the evening, especially when I am trying to go to sleep. I can lay awake for hours worrying about work or my to-dos for the next day, what I should have done yesterday and things I missed that day. Of course, this then makes me feel even more anxious and tired the following day. I like to watch things on my iPad as it means I think about the people talking rather than the thoughts in my head. Sometimes I get up in the night to write a list of things I am thinking about – does anyone else do this?!

People have various levels of anxiety and everyone has different ways of dealing with it. Exercise helps me with anxiety, it helps me work out my stress and for that 30 or 45-minute class I am worrying about not passing out rather than the wider stresses. It is important to make time for yourself and to try and find something to help release your anxiety.

Anxiety is something that is often discussed on social media and nowadays it seems that everyone has it, everyone talks about it through their phone but most people don’t speak about it in real life.

More people have anxiety in today’s culture because more people are exposed to things which make them anxious.

Looking at countless images of girls with amazing bodies, can make you feel anxious. Anxious that you are not good enough. That is not true. I feel anxious sometimes scrolling through Instagram, looking at all these different people with their perfect lives and wondering what I did wrong. Why am I stuck behind a screen all day working, when everyone else seems to be having a vacay in the Bahamas?!

Exercise is the ideal anxiety reliever, because for the moment that you are exerting yourself you are not thinking about other people just how you can push yourself to get to the finish line. It is also much needed time away from your phone. You can put your phone away in your gym locker and have some much-needed peace from the wider world. Now the weather is getting warmer, it is the perfect opportunity to exercise outside and enjoy the fresh air. Instead of going for cocktails and discussing ‘that girl’ on social media with your friends, why not do an exercise class instead and release some endorphins so ‘that girl’ doesn’t seem as important anymore.

If you are feeling really anxious all the time, try and pin down what it is that actually is making you feel anxious, is it your job, money, social media, friends, family? Try and pinpoint what it is and if you can take some time away from it. If you can’t take a break from it, how can you reduce it or make yourself feel happy again? You can delete social media for a few weeks but you can’t quit your job. When I feel anxious about work, I create a massive list of all my to do’s and tick them off and then I write in a word document about my day as it makes me feel like I have just lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. My laptop holds my deepest, darkest secrets so I hope it isn’t stolen again!

Then try and think about your physical self. Do you exercise? Do you eat a lot of sugary food? Diet and exercise are really important in helping you rid yourself of anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins, the happy hormones that make you feel good. Eating lots of sugar doesn’t cause anxiety but it makes the symptoms of anxiety seem much worse than they are because it impacts your body’s way of dealing with stress as it makes your body hypersensitive.

There are loads of other things I could write about but this post is already getting quite long so will save them for another day! I hope this helped a bit.

Peace out, MaMo X

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