Move your Mind


It stands for Make a Move. And this applies to your mind as well as your body.

Most of us work behind a screen all day and are transfixed to our phones 24/7. Not only is this bad for your body (you only have one), it also has a negative effect on your mind. Get that sluggish feeling at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon? Try ditching the twenty cups of coffee and walking round the block, or doing a ten minute yoga move in the park to get those endorphins racing again.

I never used to be that bothered about exercise but now I exercise every day. That doesn’t mean I go to the gym every day, but I might go out for a walk or have a stretch day instead. I exercise for the mental benefits as well as the physical ones.

I used to suffer with an eating disorder and I was transfixed on calorie counting for all the wrong reasons. When I started University, I started doing regular running and it really helped me sweat out any negative thoughts I was having. It was at University that I really learnt the positive mental benefits of exercise. My mum recently had a serious operation and was obviously quite down. To see the spring in her step that a gentle Pilates class or a brisk walk gives her now is amazing. I truly believe that exercise and a balanced diet is one of the best medicines for anxiety and depression.

People often feel embarrassed about starting at the gym and expect to see amazing results, like a six pack in six weeks. I am sorry but most people won’t. Exercise for yourself, the goalposts always move. Don’t obsess about being the fittest person in the gym, there is more to life than that. Don’t worry if you miss out on leg day and go for an absolutely nothing day. If you go to the gym, just to see your friends, combat a bit of loneliness and go for a pizza afterwards – go for it! Equally, if you want to develop abs of steel, don’t let anything stand in your way! Do it for your own personal benefit and don’t worry about what other people think.

So there we go. I want to encourage you all to make a move and exercise your brains as well as your biceps.

Peace out. MaMo x

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This is me looking super awkward as my mum took hundreds of photos of me…